Thursday, March 26, 2009

The birth of a new Journey

March 23, 2009, another year had been given to me to celebrate the life given from the grace of the Lord. Yes, I am a year older yet new things are coming to disagree with the maturity I am yearning for.

Still, I was very happy of many countless ways. Among these was the final verdict of my standing as a candidate for graduation. My research paper had been approved and graded, not to mention the misfortunes it undertook before the submission. Both my sisters went to Davao to see me. We stayed at my best friend’s house in Puan. What a ride! My friends surprised me with their gifts. I want to appreciate their unfading love and support. Thanks for those people who greeted me and took the time and money to give me something. My classmates and friends, thank you so much. Well, you are all my friends. (pero mas friend ang naa gift.. hehehe…)

Here are some pictures of the happenings during my birthday.

  • The submission of my research paper
    • Kulitan with my friends (Ogre, Papa Jake and Ince) and sister
    • Gifts I received
    • First thing I ate…



hmmmm ... another bday celebration... wala napud ko gi-imbita .. wala na pud ko kakanta .. sayang ...hheheh ... belated HAPI BDAY ... and adv HAPI GRADUATION .... ayaw kalimot og pasalamat ky "BRO" pirmi ...hehhe



kami kami ra man ni agnes ug birth month sir...magulang lang jud au c agnes buh!hahaha


nezzzz.....tawn tgulang na jd ka..hahahaha btw dai...tx2 ghpon ta ha maskg manrabaho nta...charutz!wahaha..

belated hapi bday dai...

hahaha.. dli ko tgulang noh... early lng mo ngstrt og school.. aw.....

sir, la mn ko handa uie... bread lng gni ako gkaon... hehhe


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