Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kaputian Detour

This post was supposed to be published earlier; still it’s worthwhile to read. How can you reject the request of your closest friends? Well, I can’t, and that’s why I came to experience this extraordinary escapade. Big thanks to the celebrant, Jake Caspi and my forever bestfriend, my “Ogre”. These friends of mine would just appear out of no where and say “Tara na!” During this time, I am very busy with my paper, since it’s less than a month for the submission yet I still didn’t have a concrete framework. Ogre, frowned and told me that it’s Papa Jake’s birthday. So, the four of us went to Kaputian, Samal to go swimming. Our baggage was enough to explain that my friends were staying not for just one day. Our journey began with a heavy rain, maybe the rain was a blessing for Papa Jake (seems a lot of blessings for just one birthday… hehehe.).

The following day, Papa Jake took us to a sea cliff to try rappelling. Honestly, I am afraid of heights, even the time when we had our falls hoping in Kapatagan, Davao del Sur. Yet, the experience was so exciting that I can’t let it pass by. So, I went first, but it took a lot of courage to look down and move my feet. I was so thrilled that even the weather jive in. It rained the time I went down and stopped when Chengy started. Samal Island is really a breath-taking paradise. You could clearly see the fishes and corals from the point where we were standing. The following days went by, we played Frisbee and one afternoon decided to go fishing and gather shells to be eaten for that night. The shells were easy, but fishing was a lot more difficult. It frustrated us that we spent all afternoon sitting and watching the fish ate our bait. The funny thing was, you can actually see the fishes below yet we didn’t catch even one. Still, the dinner was good.

We spent the
following day evaluating our artistic side. Since Boracay was known for its huge sand castle, we are known for our sand marine creatures. Well, some of our creations were from fictions, but still reside in the water. We made, Papa Jake as a Tuna, both Chengy and Dianne as mermaids and lastly Papa Jake again as a Giant Octopus.

Some of our pictures during the trip.

Good luck for me, because after that outing. I was sleepless for almost a month. But still the reward came first, since I am a certified graduate of BSIT.

Mr. Jake Caspi also known as Papa Jake is an active naturalist here in Mindanao. Member of numerous groups for rescue, mountaineering events, cyclist and many other athletic sports. Among his favorite past time is to climb Mt. Apo. If anyone would like to arrange a tour as well as a complete guide for a trip in Mt. Apo, contact me in the information below.

If it’s your first time, try to exercise a bit. Because I experience a whole body pain when we were falls hopping.




auza uie... ako tawn turista au ko sa ako kaugalingon isla...

Ang saya... hehehehe...

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hawda uie..

pareho ming glyra..haha..

turista sa aqng isla..


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wow..galing naman..hmmm kelan ko kaya maakyat ang mt apo? hehe


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