What should I be telling you? Well for a start, this blog is basically my personal page (Agnes Galinato).  I’m not really interesting but hopefully some of my posts might help you.

I am from Digos City, Davao del Sur, Philippines. Studied at Ramon Magsaysay Central Elementary School and in Davao Del Sur National high school and eventually went to Davao City for college. I was a DOST-SEI scholar and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. Proudly from the University of Southeastern Philippines!

I love to go out and do nature adventure but due to my work, sometimes I can’t but thanks to my loving ogre and other friends that they drag me out just to have some fun. I love reading novels (Sydney Sheldon’s, Harry Potter, Stephanie Meyer’s, Dan Brown hmmm what else? Can’t remember them all), watching movies and some TV series (CSI, Glee, Heroes, Prison Break etc.), gardening, cooking and starting to enjoy being a noob aquarist.  I love coffee, the instant one ;>. I don’t have the luxury to enjoy those latte and brewed things (but if I have, I definitely will try)!

As of now, I’m currently a self-striving individual who scours the net for possible work ;>. I am a freelancer in oDesk, working as a Virtual Assistant. I work with anyone and work with anything (as long as it’s not hard-core programming). I can’t possibly enumerate my skills because even I don’t know. Just so you have an overview I write articles, do research which to my clients are very important, image manipulation, wordpress administration, SEO works and Web administration, and these skills are all in the novice levels ;>.

I’m still hesitant to post my oDesk profile because it’s not looking good right now, but soon I will.

You can contact me here:


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