Friday, February 15, 2013

Crab-a-licious Night - Let's Crab Eat in Davao City

Just had a wonderful satisfying eat-all-you-can crab buffet at Let's Crab Eat! at Torres St., in Davao City. A simple celebration for heart's day and oh well to satisfy my intense crab-ing!

The restaurant offers different main course dish including the mouth-watering curry-like crab.At first I though it was cooked with curry powder because of its taste and aroma. Just before posting this, I research and found that there's a name for it and it's Szechuan Crab. Thanks Sir Blogie for the info. I'll also be featuring your images here since what we took last night was not giving the place enough credit they deserve.

A rather disorganize plate ;>

Appetizers and Dessert

After a delightful dinner
For the food, I think they serve 4-6 main dishes including crabs, beef, fish fillet, calamari, vegetable dish which I really love. They also have separate table for dessert and appetizers. The kids seem to love the fondue bar. The caesar salad was good but I didn't seem to recognize where the dressing was.

Mouthful of green salad
Dining area
Bloggers mentioned the baby back ribs but it wasn't on the menu when we went there, which was too bad. I also think they need to add up their dessert servings. Me and my bestfriend's family ate at one of Davao's crab buffet, Glamour's Crab Buffet located at J. Camus Street ext. and Padre Gomez Street and they serve more dessert.

Let's Crab Eat! As of the night of Feb. 14, 2013 : Php 449.00 per person excluding drinks, some says Php 398.00, maybe they raise it a bit because of the celebration.

Let's Crab Eat! D'CA Crab & Seafood Station (BUFFET) 
Address: F. Torres St., Davao City 
Tel. #: (082)282-CRAB(2722) 
Fax#: (082)2264988 E-Mail: / Contact: Lonely Lim




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