Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Olympiad 2009: Presentation of My Ongoing Research, Finally OVER!

It was indeed the most hectic and exhausting week of my school life. Two of my classmates were asked to present the Researches that we are working on. It was a bit ironic on my part knowing that I am still on the part of evaluating my methods, in short "I still don’t have a research!" Mr. Gamboa who is our adviser personally recommended the three of us to our Dean, Mr. Val Quimno to be the representatives of the school. Unable to protest, I accepted it, it was a challenge a personal gratification that someone believes that I am capable of this responsibility. We only had 5 days to finalize the points that we want to include in our presentation.

Monday: Made Sir Gamboa look at my new methodology
Assessment: "show me how this would be done, what are your tools?"- hmmnnn, another sleepless night.. (night on a net cafe...huhuhu)

Tuesday: AWS test, though sleepless, I was able to take the exam but not lucky enough to pass it. Regina made it though! GoGoGo.... (she has a long series of test to be able to pass...Good Luck!)

Wednesday: Still working on my Research, but a news somehow broke my heart. We were somehow not qualified since thesis and researches that are already finish are the only ones considered. My classmates were relieved, I was doubting the feeling I had at the moment, was it relief or regret? So words burst out of my mouth, "Sayanga Lord uie, chance na unta to!" (Still, I was doing my researches and spent the night in a net cafe)

Thursday: Morning, Sir Val, texted me that the presentation will proceed. The organizers considered our ongoing research since UPMin students are still on the process of finishing their works. So, the tension and anxiety intensified. I was thinking that the Lord heard what I said. He made a way for it to came into reality. So, the three of us were advise to go to school at 11:00 am. Feeling energized by the news, I decided to wait for the time regardless that I am sleepless the night before. Chengy and I went home, It was already 9 in the morn, looking at my bed, it tempted me to lay down. Chengy, feeling the same went to bed to. I was not able to wake up and was frantic about what our adviser and dean would say, ditching a meeting with these people is not so advisable!!! hehhe... it was 3:30 in the afternoon that I receive a call from Mr. Gamboa, asking for my presence it his office. It was after that call that I read the messages of my classmates saying that Mr. Gamboa want to see our presentation. Worried, I still went to school, I apologized for my behavior and was not able to show a presentation. Mr. Gamboa asked me if I can make it by tomorrow, full of hope, I said yes! I will do everything just to present something tomorrow.

The night came, Dianne, Papa Jake and Chengy were in full support, they accompanied me during the night, but I told them to sleep, I was infront of my PC the whole time, up to 7:40 in the morning.

Friday: The day finally came. I was even late for our meeting with Sir Gamboa that morning. I went to school just to find out that we can’t rehearse since Mr. Gamboa is busy in other matters. Relieve that I could sleep for a while, we went home to relax a bit. We had plan that Mr. Gamboa would be in school around 12:30 pm to get us, but the bad news came out that he won’t make it. Depressed by it, we contacted Mr. Val if there is any chance that he would come with us in the venue for the event. Well, even in the chaos for that day, we still are lucky. The event was held in the University of Mindanao Matina, it was designed that the event would have a parallel session, which means Regina was not in the same venue with me and Glayra. It was a dismaying scene, seeing students already in front and presenting their study, not to mention that we are the only ones wearing out uniforms. Again, the sad part is, we don’t have any supporters from school since the event requires a fee of PHP 50.00. It is a big amount considering the students in USEP (in short, kuripot cla, aw apil ko... hehehe). Big thanks to Chengy and Rhod that they never left us. Regina was accompanied by James in the other venue and went back as soon as she was finished.

Glayra and Me were the last presentors. She was nervous and all that they would asked questions since I asked the other students about their thesis. She was saying: "Dai, mag ask jud na sila kay mubalos sa imo... huhuhu", I just told her that everything will be fine. I operated her presentation and she with mine. After that, the forum made exciting feedbacks, questions were asked, and somehow we both pulled it off.

I know, Mr. Gamboa was proud of us. He was smiling all the time when we were in front. He congratulated us for making an interesting discussion. It was a happy feeling that we were able to prove that USEP can compete even with other schools.

Not to mention, simple lng amo mga research, though kapoy, sus kung ang mga programmers pato naa didto, unsa nlng kaya... hehehe....
Participants from other University were also good. Participant came from UIC, Ateneo de Davao, UPMin, AMA and of course USEP.



Nindot man inyong presentation dili parehas sa amoa nagkayagaw na kay that day bag-o lng mi abot ana gikan Digos sa among retreat.

Keep up the good work...

sayanga nes uie... heheheh ala ko kita..... unza man gud na uie.. niingon pa sila nga naa d i intrans fee ng-tigum unta ko... hahaiz... pero basta kamo magpresent bow jud ko.. heheheheh kamo na jud nes.....

weeeh.! bagong bansag - braveGirL.^^

jejeje nice experience jud xa.^^

IT professionals au inu dating.. jejee
xenxa kung wala mi nakasupport.. may bayad naman kasi pala di kami nakahanda.!!

hehehe... brave soul ding uie.amew..heheh

congrats to us!!hehe


human nako answer sa imong survey.

Keep up the good work...

hello. :) congrats on your great feat.


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