Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Post Valentine Celebration

I never expected to celebrate valentines because of the hectic schedule in school. I was still so pressured in my Research. The very evening of the hearts day, I was visited by my Mom, (knowing she was going to have a date with someone! hahai). My experience was split in to two events.

1. Going to the Beach: Jones Beach
Thanks to Chengy that I enjoyed it, though it was late. Her friend ask her to joined them in a beach, I was hesitant since its already late (11:00 pm on Feb. 14, 2009) not to mention that the beach they were talking is in Talomo: The Jones Beach. To my amazement, the place was nice. I also enjoyed playing the Frisbee, I thought it was easy to play but took me a little while to learn how to shot it out in the air. We were awake the whole time, and in the morning, before finally going home, we took picture of the place and the nice spots.
Here are some of our pictures:

2. Kublai Art Craze: Ponce Unconventional Suite
My best friend Dianne (my sweet OGRE!) was a little melancholic during the valentines. And I felt guilty for not being there, so as a late gift for her, we decided to hop and visit one of Kublai’s properties. We went to Ponce’s Unconventional Suite located in Doña Vicenta fronting Victoria Mall. Dianne treated us to dinner before going there, we ate at Chowking just before going, (they made some naughty actions :> ) Papa Jake and Chengy were the one’s responsible for it... (Wala mi labot...)
Since Ponce is just a walking distance, we decided to stretch some muscles and enjoy the magnificence of that night. We enjoyed taking picture mostly with the gigantic statues, the sculptures were inspired from the natives of the Philippines. The inside of the mini hotel were full of his works and being there for a short time would not be able to go through every art and painting he ever made. I really enjoyed being with my friends, though my family can’t be with me, I am still blessed with the people who loves me.




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