Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PhilNITS finally over

Sunday, October 19, 2008 was the scheduled PhilNITS examination (2008). It was held in UIC Davao. The test was composed with two parts the Morning and Afternoon exam. The Morning exam was more of the conceptual knowledge regarding Information Technology while the Afternoon was more on programming and algorithms. We were given two and a half hours each for every part to finish the exam. Though we where given a time for the review and thanks for our dearest mentor and instructor, Mr. Aloysius Torres with her colleague Miss Joy, that we had learned a lot from the review. Because of the hectic schedule in school, most of the students who are in the review where not able to participate for the whole period. There where many participants, not necessarily students but anyone who acquires the basic requirements needed by the office to take the exam. The exam was exhausting and very difficult to the highest extent. We are expecting a complex test, but the Afternoon exam was way beyond my understanding. Other takers could have answered it well but that was so hard for me to. As what I can say, Good luck exam takers! The Japanese did a good job to stir our head well…. hehehhe….. (this post is kinda late....)




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