Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Extended Sisters’ Birthday

The birthday of Chengy was really fun, we had treated her as a sister, our eldest to be exact (how old is she? it’s for you to guess). Together with Regina, my sisters, Chengys’ family and friends, we had a good time celebrating her birthday in the pool.

Both Chengy and I were the ones preparing for the food, it was so exhausting but seeing the pool as well as my friends and sisters were happy, it was all worth it. We held her birthday in Water World (which is in Dumoy, Davao City). There are also other pool sites located near Water World, Davao City is indeed a place worth to be visited.

My friends and sisters were enjoying the pool, not to mention the pool slides. At first I was really afraid to try it, but they push me to. Well, you can never experience something rewarding if you don’t have any guts to try it. So, I went for it. It was so cool. Chengy and Regina, who were both not so good at swimming, were way beyond the guts they needed. They even tried the slide, which was the longest and leads to the deepest part of the pool. Good for Regina since she was able to swim back, but for Chengy, the impact was so immense for her that she was thrown farther away. She almost drown, but there were many friends who tried to save her.

Birthday’s are always a good day to give thanks for another year we have enjoyed in our lives. So don’t forget to give back the glory for the one who had given his all. Many birthdays to come for everyone.




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