Monday, October 20, 2008

Sistah’s Bonding Time

The Saturday just before the day of Chengy’s birthday, my two sisters Vanezza and Monique came to Davao to celebrate with us. Even after the tiring travel, they were still energetic to play bowling and to hang out. My sisters were very happy and so do I.

They were trying to experience the fun of playing bowling since Digos don’t have one. Both of my sisters have a trip problem; they always vomit when inside a vehicle for a long time, the funny part is my younger sister even begs not to ride a jeepney going back to the boarding house, suggesting to just walk. (from Bonifacio to Obrero? never mind…. hehhehe). The night was still young, so we went to People’s Park after dinner for them to see the beauty of the park.

Both of them had a really good time, and seeing them also makes me happy.




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