Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Street Foods….. Yummy….

Last Sunday, and as always its family day. Not just for families but also for love birds and barkada to unwind from pressure in work and school. My friend and I chose to hang out in San Pedro Street (which is in Davao City) despite the busy and tight crowd. We had something that we had craved for many weeks now. We hadn’t eaten any street food for more than month, and our all time favorite is called “proben” (that’s what the locals call it), I think it a part of the chickens’ internal organ. Well, let’s not talk where it came from since it’s not so good when it’s not yet cooked.

As we looked for the best spot to eat, I noticed that there are so many kids who walked from every people they come across and asked for something. Some of these kids don’t have proper manners that they disrespect the people who don’t give them for what they asked. It’s just pitiful to see how Filipino children had become like this.

Well, too much for those kids. As I was talking, “proben” is indeed a delicious street food. It is cut into smaller pieces,
kinda rounded in shape. It is then put into a line of 3-4 pieces in a B-B-Q stick after frying. I watched the vendor who cooked it and his young assistants. They were piling it up for the buyers to easily grab one. As expected from this kind of food, the vendors are not properly clean in doing their job. The cook wears a pair of gloves, but the younger ones don’t. But maybe its part of why “proben” is so yummy. (Not to mention we had eaten 9 sticks each) hehehhehe….

Next stop is the “kwek-Kwek” everybody’s favorite. It is simple an egg, a hardboiled one and is coated with an outside layer of colored flour (honestly I don’t know what’s that color orange is.) It’s orange in color maybe to attract customers. Well, it’s delightful to eat with those yummy side dishes, cut cucumbers and other sea plants (seaweeds).

There are also fishballs, corn, hilaw na mangga, banana cue and many others, but we didn’t try these anymore. Foods are really abundant for this part of the street. People are gathering, to taste some of the foods here. It’s like a big social party.

I wasn’t able to get a clear picture for the small booths in the park since there are many unexpected things that may happen if I would display my phone out. hehhe… Well guys, why not try this part of the city? It’s full of delicacy food that is very much affordable and many options to choose to.



next time ..please invite me ...

hehehe... mukaon diay ka ana sir?


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