Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pahabol on Street Foods...Hmmmm..Yummy..

After the PhilNITS exam, just to treat myself from the brain breaking examination, we had time to eat at the yummy booths in San Pedro Street. The street was so busy, since we got there earlier, people were so occupied with there business. Some were looking for ukay-ukay’s, the price is incredibly so low. Blouses costs 5-10 pesos and the lowest that I have seen is 3 for 10 pesos. Some were going to church and others were busy eating (just like what were doing). We had eaten proben and sweet corn. Typing this article makes me crave for another bite. hehehe… (late post again, but its worth posting...)



Hi Ness;

I like street foods but those you hold on that pic. was "bawal" due on my health condition.

Link my blog, here's mine: http://pvegetah.com

hi keivs, well, bwal sa imo pro sa ako 8s not.. eheheheh... musta ang lyf?


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