Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PhilNITS Passer of 2008 :At least (At most) we got ONE....

It was sad to my part not to pass the PhilNITS 2008 examination, but in behalf of all the students in USeP (University of souteastern Philippines) under the college of Institute of Computing, we are very proud to say that we got a passer from the very difficult PhilNITS examination. To Mr. Rendell Andrin (laptop lng ako kng naa nka Japan ha? hehe...) Just visit the philNITS site for complete news about the exam, PhilNITS. Anyways, we just somehow prove that IT people in USeP are among the intellectual giants in the school...

So, guys, let us continue to cultivate our minds and be an outstanding student. Mr. Rendell is just the first one, go and raise IC banner to all.




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