Monday, November 24, 2008

Future Technology: “OURSELVES” that goes Beyond

“Technology can never be the future if people who understand it don’t properly use it.” -RSG

Striking words from a brilliant person who never just stand in front of us for the sake of being our professor but as a father who guides way for the better.

Future Technology, is a subject where all past, present and future knowledge are being discussed and study. Everything goes well, reporters for each presentation did good in their parts. Topics are interesting enough for all of us to be hook to the discussion.

The class became more intimating because the discussion shifted to personal matters. Everyone had given time to think over their experience that made them on what they are today. Our professor complimented the presenters. What had been an awkward situation it had become when each were bombarded with questions that requires personal involvement and a little in-deep familiarity with each other. All became nervous due to the fact of sharing a part of you to people that you don’t know that much. But our professor related all of his questions regarding the subject “Future”

“What preparation had you done for the occasion in March?”
“What bring you here?”

Questions that made us think of our practices during the past 4 or more years in the University. Have we been a responsible students? Not just for the purpose of self-gain but for those people whom we owe our privilege to go to school and pursue the courses that we had chosen. Does our attitude at home still the ones that drives even in school? Do we still depends on our parents to do almost all of the works that we are suppose to be doing? Many had been too frightened to answer because of the guiltiness hovering all over ourselves.

But Mr. Gamboa made his point that if we still are being the childish person we once been, when are going to take full responsibility of ourselves? Our stage involves more commitment to the work that we are experiencing. That is why, mind over matter is really needed, as well as our accountability for our actions. Not for us to be inferior but to be a shining, individual molded flawlessly.

The moral, the future is what we see ourselves, the first plights are only the beginning. Change is a never ending process, so better start while we are still young!



yeah.. learning is void if we dont apply it...

even just in simple thing.. if we know its not right then, we must make an effort not to commit..before its too late that we cant make any way to go out then... hehehe... murag g.relate nko.?? hmmmh... follow ur heart if that makes u happy

it's a nice experience what Mr. Randy did since we could change all the bad habits we are doing in school.:]

we should learn from every things people taught to us and appreciate it.

Technology determines our future.

i am glad that somehow, we changed seeing yesterday's improvement...unta magpadaun..


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