Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why we use technology

This is a question which varies depending on the personality that we have. As a student, technologies have a great impact in learning things in a different way. Some of it has its advantages and disadvantages. But looking over the general use of technology it usually gives simplicity and easiness of how things work today:

  • to the teaching aspect, technology help in sustaining the need of student to learn things differently and more effectively
  • for application on works
  • to have access to almost unlimited access to information in the world
  • to support how we live and make it easier

These things are few to mention in why technology is being used nowadays. We are influenced of how the world is somehow being driven by technology; in order to survive and be competitive we must be also motivated to use these technologies.

Technology, as observed is forever changing and in a fast-pace. Why are there many manners to which technology could somehow find its trend? It’s because people are asking for more. More convenient, faster, and all are looking for more than just the average.




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