Monday, November 24, 2008

A Call Center Experience: Concentrix..... Where ROUTERS Rulez!

Concentrix, which is formerly known as Link2Support is one of the Customer Service related establishments here in Davao City specifically in Damosa IT Park, as observe is among the fast-paced industry that embraces the Philippines nowadays. Why is this so? Call centers do not necessary have high standards in selecting agents, as long as you have college education and basic education, then your in,( just be sure to create an impact with the interviewers).

Training is necessary to prepare anyone for their future works. Concentrix offer training that somehow lasted for about a month. It is divided into two, a short-time for soft skill (which is to practice English and speak like an American) and most of the time in technical support. Soft skill is a very enjoyable part of the training. Being able to enhance your English communication as well as your accent is very endearing. The policy in school which states “speak English only” is strictly being followed in most call centers, which I found very difficult yet as the days pass, it somehow sound good hehehe.... Our soft skill screening worked by a conversation via telephone. Where our trainer Mr. Jason was asking questions. It feels nice to be on the phone and communicating through the English language, its as if your so great that you can’t get over it that easily.

The second part is all about the technical aspects being handled by the company. This is where the Routers came into the picture. Honestly, its not all about Routers but most of the time it is. (hehehe). Our trainer, Mr. Trigger (not his real name) introduced the basic networking technology of how internet is being used abroad. This is the part where I realized that most American families have 2 or more connected desktop units at home. They are really rich. Another thing that I observed is that Americans depends mostly on others to handle their utilities at home. (thanks to this that many Filipinos have works). Agents are somehow the heroes of every frustrated Americans looking at their routers at home.

Things that I learned from my ever COOL trainers....
Mr. Jason and Mr. Trigger
1. “Fake it till you make it”

(very useful, since your the one guiding your customer, i can’t imagine if you’re not sure on what your saying) Help you!

2. Most popular word... “Internet”

(being read as “innernet” together with “”innerconnect”, ”innernational” and many other “inner”)

3. Routers have IP addresses
I didn’t know this one, thanks Mr. Trigger....

4. Microsoft Vista Aero-Look was “somehow” alike the Mac OS

(copied is a harsh word... hehhehe)

5. Mac OS are mostly named after the big-cat family

(Jaguar, cheetah, leopard and etc.)

6. Modem
given by your ISP (Internet-service provider) to be able to connect computers to the world-wide web (I didn’t know this one)

Among the fast growing outsourcing business is the Product or Customer Service Support. Philippines and India are among the countries where call-canters are very popular. This just proves how Filipinos are very educated and very effective in learning, though its from other countries or not. Filipinos are really adaptable no matter what culture, style or ethics they are used to, we really are flexible.

Sad to say I was not able to finish my training due to the pressure in school, so its not a very hard decision since I’m driven for my plan where school comes first. Work will be always available and offer a lot of good opportunities for people who are educated enough.

So people, who are interested, just drop by their office. Application would only last a day, so no need to wait for long hours. In the end of the day, news would be either your accepted or not. Their HR staffs are very accommodating and friendly so no need to fret. Grab the opportunity now, since the company is in need of agents to answer the demands. Just bring ID and your resume.

Pictures of my co-trainees, most of them are now accepted and to work days later. They really are ecstatic and excited not to mention that they have already access in the electronic doors in the Concentrix building. (hope I could get one, hehehe ).

Good Luck guyz! If you want to apply, now is the time, if and only if your not busy with school. okay?



hehehehe.. sayang kau nes noh.? peru kailangan unahon ang studies.. makasulod ra japon ka dra balik and/or mkakita ug mas better job

Yes, English fluency is essential for a call center agent also a handful of technical knowledge is also required for this. So, training like this very much helpful for future development of a person who wants to be a call center agent.

Robert Kaiser


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