Monday, September 8, 2008

PhilNITS Orientation for 2008

On September 5, 2008, the PhilNITS (Phil. National I.T. Standards Foundation) in cooperation with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) held its Orientation Seminar on the PhilNITS FE Certification Exam in UIC Davao.

There are representatives from Japanese Companies that holds the briefing of the examination. Among the speakers are Engr. Reynaldo Deypalubos (Dean, Engineering Dept. of UIC), Mr. Koji Hanawa (Director, JETRO Manila), Mr. Shinichiro Kato (JETRO Expert), Ms. Ma. Corazon M. Akol (President, PhilNITS), Mr. Aloysius L. Torres (PhilNITS passer) and ARD Marizon S. Loreto (Regional Caretaker, DTI-XI). In the orientation, they discussed the statistical reality of today’s ICT market. These facts are based on the analysis with regards to Japan’s need of IT professionals. It was stated as a fact that the IT industry gained the highest profit during the year of 2006 for roughly about $1.2 billion. Though given these figures, they lack the human resources to supply the increasing requirement for individuals who belongs to the ICT Profession. This is why the Trade Organization of IT profession is very much supportive for IT Engineers. They have overseen the potential opportunity to excel even to other countries. JETRO had provided us there Agenda.

• Protection of intellectual property rights
• Efficient logistics for the distribution of goods
• Protection of the environment friendly economic systems
• Development of industrial human sources

They also showed a table presenting the shortage of IT engineers in Japan.

Skill Levels Needs Supply Shortage
PM 100,000 10,000 90,000
SW 260,000 90,000 170,000
FE 920,000 760,000 160,000

It clearly shows that there is an immense need of IT professional to be able to balance the needs of every organization in Japan.

There are many representatives participating from different schools in Mindanao, as far as Gensan. Students gather together with their respective professor. The examination will be also held in UIC, Davao in October 19, 2008. Since schools have given slots for free examination and review I am luckily included for the USEP campus. My impression for the exam is that it’s really hard since only 5 people was able to pass it, considering this number way back from the year 2001. My co-participant are Mr. Angelo Matildo, Mr. Kenneth Tello, Mr. Rendell Andrin, Ms. Glayra Bustamante and yours truly, Agnes Galinato.

This is a great opportunity for every IT professional that hoped for a job in Japan. PhilNITS certification will be a standard for professionals that wants themselves to be rated in higher standard.



i am really happy for what you have gone through...

as a friend, i'm also proud of you in jud..hehe

good luck dai..

kya jud nmo na...

i'll help praying

weeeh.! pacute au mu ni gly weeh.! ahihihii..

aw.. gud luck sa in.u philnits dai.. lisod pero i know kya nin.u mbalance ang kana na event sa ato mga schoolworks...

best regardz.!

good luck ness. .
good luck sa inyong tanan. .

tarong jud ug review..hehe

hoping dat makapasar mo tanan. .

GODbLess. .


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