Sunday, August 31, 2008

Frustration I am Finally Relieve of

For almost 2 months of presenting many possible research topics, our professor had finally agreed to give me chance. I already posted 6 topics and thanks to my supportive friends that one of it had finally caught Mr. Gamboa’s interest.
I will just present the overview of my study since I still don’t have the concrete insights on how I will do it. There are many hosting sites that accommodate bloggers. So im thinking that if I could be able to compare the feature of these different Blog Hosting sites, then one could identify to which site he is more appropriate….

My study would be dealing with the following hosts…

… and maybe other free hosting sites for the benefit of students….

This is the model or representation that illustrated that had given me a chance. I almost cried. Huhuhu… I’m really frustrated with my topic since most of my close friends had already had theirs. I still have a lot to do, but what is important is I have something to start on. Anyway, this is what Mr. Gamboa had said "EXCELLENT presentation ... how i wish all my studz would present this way .... CONGRATZ and GOD BLESS ... ur really an intelligent girl ..."...weeee... gudluck to me....



CONGRATZ again ... ur one of the endangerd species/intellectual giants of the university PRAYERS 4 u ... GOD BLESS ...


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