Sunday, August 31, 2008

Possible Research in President Arroyo's SONA

Here are some aspects or topics that I would consider if being studied would help the quality of life of most of our countrymen. Also given the following objectives.

VAT: The Nation’s Fundamental Financial Source

Value Added Tax is being presented as the main source of funding for almost every project of the government, from educational Scholarship to the building of necessary infrastructure. People with the proper and appropriate income are obligatory to pay the tax.

1. Establish the understanding of VAT’s value with regards to the development of the country
2. Determine to which of the population’s status VAT is applicable
3. To be able to know how VAT is computed and being applied to the country’s numerous products
4. Have a model or framework to be followed by every people who are financially gaining in the process of using the country’s resources
5. Present to the public the project to which the VAT was used

Good Education: A Reachable Solution for Future Development

As what it is being describe, the only thing that could not be taken away. Education being the necessity for every people is not that accessible for every Filipino. Most of the population number is not capable of supporting a full educational path for their children.

1. To determine the importance of education to the Filipino people
2. To what societal status is free education be applicable
3. In what educational level will the scholarship be employed
4. Determine the proper way to grant a educational scholarship in association with the family financial gain and their assumed support for the family
5. If scholarship is to be given to the tertiary level, staff within the scholarship program should be able to forecast the future demand of graduates
6. Potential graduates should be able to alleviate their standing in the community and be able to help the government

Agrarian Reform: A Way to Stabilized Farmers Productivity

Many of today’s people works for others in the small gain of income. Among these is the cultivation of lands. These problems have rooted way back in the times of Spaniards. Most Filipino farmers’ works for other bigger companies in the agricultural development of the land, if these individuals be given the chance to have their own piece of land and be able to develop it, then scarcity of work can be less.

1. determine to which certain farmers are these award being granted
2. determine the methods of how farmers can acquire this kind of grant in the government
3. to know the proper way into which farmers would be able to develop their lands with the concrete fact of gaining bigger from it
4. to associate other governmental agency to keep the farmers productive and knowledgeable until they could establish on their own
5. to introduce a model of the proper individual’s attribute and characteristics that could have a potential grant to land owning project of the government




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