Sunday, July 27, 2008

Key Factors for Publishing Research in Top-Tier Journals

Presenting research works involves many processes to go through. Most of the author’s objective is to make their works acceptable to the top-tier journals where it has reliable credibility as well as one can assure that the research is indeed excellent in terms of its totality.

One of the key factors in terms of publication standard, one must establish the type of paper he will publish. There are also some publishing strategies that would help authors to achieve in the publication standard: the writer should have a clear Theory Development, Construct Development (the author should somehow present new knowledge or concept to which he should be able to defend in the later part of his work), Generalization (it ought to simplify the idea or notion that he presented throughout the course of his paper) and lastly is Practice, the author must be well aware of his field of research and to be able to do this observation through action is highly required.

There are also other guidelines in achieving to the top publishing journals, when the study is all about relationship of variables, one must provide a clear and comprehensible explanation of the framework. Because of the diversity of cultural rearing of most of the reviewing individuals, the author should not assume anything thus making a common context.




summarizing it all, a research must be of quality to be published in these three top-tier journals... anyway, these three can help your research catch a wide audience..which in turn gives recognition to your knowledge you've brought up to them..

hope that the learning you have learned from this topic will be applied to your research paper and for our benefit as well.

I don't have enough knowledge about research and all i can do is to believe and remember those things you have mentioned. It would be a big help someday. For now, i wish you luck and i pray that you will be able to make your research successfully. Good luck.


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