Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How wise can you get in your Research Topic?

Last saturday, we had our make up class to discuss all the things necessary to be studied about research. It lasted for about 6 straight hours, which is so tiring. But somehow, I got something out of it. Mr. Gamboa made us view that research is not some paper to pass on to teacher as a criterion for graduation. It has to be something with content and importance. When it comes to the research topic, it should not be limited to something; it must be capable of development throughout the swift evolution of technological progress, it must also address the needs of today’s crisis.

Well, I just hope I could think of a Research Topic in time, just before Mr. Gamboa decided to fail me, which I cannot allow to happen (hehehe).



surely. if you strive harder on your research, the bagsak thing will never happen.


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