Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Just LOVE Courtroom Books

I’m a book lover. That’s me…. I just finish 2 books from John Grisham’s, THE FIRM and A TIME KO KILL.

Way back in high school, it started from romance pocket books and somehow developed to English ones which were 3 0r 4 times as many pages. But its thickness doesn’t matter as long as the story can enthralled me into something. I’ve read a lot of books mostly thriller, which includes crime and mysterious killing, it really excites my senses, I somehow wonder I could be good being an agent (I was started thinking this way after watching ALIAS and 24). My favorite author is Sydney Sheldon and I’m starting to collect his books(which somehow I can’t buy, that’s why I’m waiting for kind people who can give it to like a present…. hehehehe). Well, not to mention J.K. Rowling (HARRY POTTER series) and Dan Brown, I still haven’t finished his DECEPTION POINT, since I’m just reading through my pc.

 Back to THE FIRM and A TIME TO KILL, the firm concentrated mostly on the simple and fresh graduate in Law school, Mitch McDeere. His life turns upside down being a poor striving lawyer to a high paying lawyer after taking the job in the small firm in Memphis. But the story has its exciting side, maybe in the real world it really exist, having a front of a simple firm but deep within its processes is having illegal workings. A time to kill is also an exciting story, since it depicts the discrimination of the Blacks in the most States in America. It’s a story of how the lawyer, defended his black client (Carl Lee Hailey) after killing the two American guys who cold-bloodedly raped his 10-year old daughter Tonya.

I just think that after reading these novels somehow opens the world of courtrooms, it’s not just the boring faces of the jury, judges and the lawyers; there are so many things that could happen in the court. And if you’re good enough, you can even point the law against it.




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