Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When the Heater doesn’t work

There are two kids of heater, and it depends on the place where you live. The first one is placed in enclosed designed to permit air circulation; thus the heat is provided largely by convection, rather than by radiation. Thanks to Microsoft ® Encarta ® Premium Suite 2005. © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. And the other one is one of the must-have of every alienated individual from provinces that resides in boarding houses and dormitories. It’s the handiest and useful equipment for coffee lover like me.
But these kinds of utensils are prone to damage especially if bought cheap (usually in Uyanguren from Chinese vendors). But that’s the only thing we can afford it. Its life span is usually from 2-3 months, if and only if your board mate doesn’t borrow it. Because after using it, it’s whether there’s something wrong or it totally doesn’t work, which is the worst.
My suggestions to those students, who use heaters, when this incident comes, pretend to be like a professional technician. It only needs a mind to explore and a hand to repair. Normally, as experience brings, heaters are damage in its cord because of over heating. The copper wire is cut due to the burning inside the cord. All you have to do is open the jack where the cord is connected with a small crew driver. Cut the plastic part of the cord to create an open wire for about an inch. Twist the copper wire inside the metallic piece of the cord. After this, just put it in place and put the bolts back using the screw driver. And tadan…… you now have an almost brand new heater. At least you can save 85 pesos every time your heater seems to be not working.




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