Friday, July 18, 2008

How Research should be Evaluated

Research is in a broad sense as it already is. Evaluating these papers need thorough review to deduce that it is good and is ready for publication and be referred to.

The first thing that should be of the main features of the paper is the substance of its content. A research paper should contain the clear topic of the author and should be authentic and not just copied from other researchers. If it related to another research that is already publish, the author should somehow feed his research new and development to the previous one. The topic as well as its discussion should be carefully thought of. A paper is also considered in good quality if his review of related literature is good enough to support his ideas presented on the paper.

Citation of different reviews and sources should be valid and be taken into consideration. Reasonable informant should be the origin of the reviews and not just from people who are not reputable. The citations should be correctly documented in a bibliography or works cited page.

Most of the papers are so extremely created that most of its content are hard to understand. The organization as well as the system of how it is presented should also be apprehensible to others. The paper could include flowcharts or any diagram that can be comprehended by readers. The views and thoughts of the author should be centralized to the main topic and must support it proper organization of his words.

Lastly, a paper could not be considered as good if its language grammar and procedure is not suitable and good. The paper should undergo a lot of editing to ensure the appropriate use word construction and to check minimum incorrect terms.



those criteria in evaluating a research will indeed help the researcher to make a very efficient, good research...

yeah! it's not that easy to conduct research, we both consider technical and social criteria for our paper. I knew you know already the things that will make your own research good. God Bless!

It is well explained, i agree with your opinion regarding this matter.

It is well explained, i agree with your opinion regarding this matter.


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