Wednesday, September 10, 2008

USEP: Cultivating the FOSS Advocacy

One of the future goals of the University (University of Southeastern Philippines) is to promote FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). FOSS had been long hidden of its advantages to users and striving for its survival among the many proprietary products that somehow dominates the community nowadays.

The objective of the students particularly on the IC Department (Institute of Computing) is to encourage everyone that we are not subjected to a particular product even to the extent of a vendor lock-in. The advocacy aims to set the University as an organization not just a learning facility but far beyond. To place it as an institution that foster innovations, a dynamic and balanced leader in Information Technology innovation. It will also develop the ethical concern of the university, since it will pose a democratic style of learning.

The community must be aware that technology never sets it limit. For every student are subjected to the limitless wonders of Information Technology. Go USEPians! Promote FOSS!



daghang salamat sa imo FOSS campaign ....hope u can include green campus computing ...

Please don't forget we will celebrate Software Freedom Day here in Davao @ UM this coming Sept 20, 2008 1-5PM. Hope you can attend.


Indeed you're right. ^_^ I'm an advocate of FOSS too.


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