Thursday, July 17, 2008

What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding your future career?

Research had become a standard for almost all graduating students. And I haven’t seen any school who never applied research in any field. But why is it done? Does it become a criterion for the future of becoming a professional or just merely the reason that it is needed to be done?

Basically, being in the field of research open doors for new things. It became a ground for the development of aspects like critical thinking, intense comprehension when it comes to analysis as well as the carrying out of new discovery. When we say research we are not limited to the four corners of the classroom and relying mostly on the things that are fed to us by our professor. We are able to apply the theories that we had learned by means of systematically utilizing it to the study that we chose. Many things are effectively learned if experienced through a different way but not the usual way of carrying out in the front of the classroom.

As the development of research study the student are given the chance to select a suitable topic with their interest. Letting the students go out and do their research can heighten their knowledge and be more accurate in determining the fields of their great interest. Continuing the course would also develop the professionalism of the student. It would mean that the student will have the chance to boost their self esteem by collaborating to their professor by doing important works. It will also establish a mentor-student relationship where it will cultivate the proper attitude towards others. Taking into account, research can give way to finding new opportunities which will become a basis for the student to take interest into. Mostly, research came from the curiosity of the students but putting a lot of effort for it would develop the interest accompanied by actions and thus creating a research worthy.



yah right, through researches we could develop our self esteem and confidence in facing our future


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