Thursday, July 17, 2008

Research topics that should usually be address

As an IT student, we should be able to determine the current problems and subjecting our own knowledge in developing such. Being in line with the ICT will help build up the elevation of awareness in people thus making all knowledgeable of the necessity of having it. Today’s problems are mostly in economical aspects as well as educating individuals of the fast-paced transition of advancement. Many are not aware of the positive outcomes of these innovations in the computing world and tend to set aside it and be satisfied with the early proceeding of any courses.

Research would be best applied to individuals who have embraced the application of IT and for those people who are less illiterate. I am stressing that if we are much into bringing up the importance of ICT in every day living, why not have a study on how it had help people of different fields and how can we extend the comprehension of this knowledge to people who tends to put it aside.



truly, there are too many innovations and development had made with the aide of technology, and focusing our researches in ICT would be increase the level of development in our country, not only in the field of IT but also in others through extension programs


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