Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Fruit of my Labor……(ows?. ;>.)

Was those sleepless nights left to be unrecognized? The difficulty of programming exercises(that until now I still don’t understand…), the never-ending iterations of ideas that can’t seen to solve any problems, the brain digging documentations looking for proper English words that mustn’t be copied over the net? Lonely days in my room, nothing to look at but the papers messed around needed to be studied on? All the complaints for projects and professors who somehow lacks considerations in time of deadlines? Are all these set aside not to be compensated accordingly? Or was it because I am the envy sister who can’t wait to have her own? (hehehehe….)

Well, much of the unnecessary grievances. Honestly, college is not all full of hard and difficult times. Though distant from my family, I am still standing and struggling for my hopefully last year in college.

This is not about college and the hardship but the first rewards or should I say token of it. Being a student who has set my mind not to fail is indeed a big issue. Since I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the good people of the Philippines, who only wants in return is no failing grades. A very big thanks for not because of the tax payers and the government, I can’t buy my own phone…. Maybe you’re parents are tax payers then extend my gratitude and tell them that a pitiful soul became happy because of them….Hehehe… honestly, I’m just too overwhelmed to express my happiness. Though it’s not a big deal to others (people who changes phones every time there is a new model in the market)….. for those people who can’t afford, try harder. Just like me, I never even expect it but thanks to DOST… You’re the best…(I also owe these to my scholar family and my close friends who never let me fail…. It’s what you call cooperation… hehehe)

So guys… if you’re not qualified to take the scholarship, tell it to anyone who is graduating in highschool. The benefits are great and the much greater news is they are increasing the allowance… weeeee!!! Go!..Go…





pra naa poy remembrance ajejejeje.,

dunkin!!! dunkin!!! ajejeje


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