Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are we ready for a Full Blown Online School?

As a student I want to stress out some of my perspective with regards to online learning. Taking my experience today, I am one of the groups who are assigned to be the moderator and facilitator for this week. I belong to the first group serving as a punishment for not attending our first meeting. (which is acceptable since I didn’t take my responsibility as a student). Because we were not able to do our jobs as facilitator, there is a misunderstanding in our part as well as in our adviser. In our part, we are not familiar to the course of action in our subject. Thus, we do not know on what to do. These things were clearly stated to us in our face to face session later this day. Supposedly, we should be posting some topics in regards to the introduction of Open Standards (FOSS Free Open Source Software/ Open Standard), but because of our lack of knowing, our adviser done it for us. Because of this, our adviser thinks that we had been irresponsible for not taking any action. This is somehow true taking for consideration that we are given a broader time allotment. What my point is, even given the time what are we able to do if we don’t have the clear things on what should be done?

  • Yes, all things are all given for us to be able to understand and comply. But these are what my observations on having an online discussion:
  • First is there are so many things to explore when it is your first time in the environment of your e-learning.
  • There are countless things to question for things that are not clearly presented but because of time conflicts, we cannot have our answer at the time we needed it.
  • I also think that there are many things that should be done in the classroom specifically discussions. Discussion should be interactive for it to be effective.

I have no negative thoughts in the learning online for we had encountered countless situations where in we had submitted many of our reports on the web. As an IT student for almost 4 years, I am used to have online researches for our study to give it a much deeper meaning as well as to establish a more profound understanding. But maybe we should be taking into consideration on what are the things that should be done online and what shouldn’t.



for me we are not yet ready..we lack one of the basic thing in order to be successful in going online..our IT architecture/structure today is somewhat 2 years behind with other schools..yes we have computers and internet but they are simply not enough..when we will be full blown in online learning, there is a great possibility that that the rate of each student of using the computers will increase. they will occupy units more longer thus leaving other students going out, spending their spare money on participating on the discussion on the internet..basta..we are not yet ready for me..


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