Wednesday, June 25, 2008

State of Computer Science research and its variety of Technical Topics

The article was taken from the statement made by Wm. A. Wulf, a President, National Academy of Engineering and AT&T Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia. The argument was all about the funding of the government to the researches in Computer Science. He made point that there is no other suitable field to be a poster child of these investments but Computer Science. There are a lot of fields in which much of the technology had been elevated to another level which in turn had manage to support the needs of the people in today’s situations. Among these are NATIONAL SECURITY wherein because of researches was able to develop gadget that can be of assistance in terms of protection areas, PROSPERITY where a high difference can be viewed again with the help of IT researches.

Taking today’s researches, many are not able to capture that many of the studies requires lengthy time to develop. Since most of the trends today manifest the rapid changing in technological advancement, they are somehow used to be in touch with “what’s in”. That’s why; proposals that require prolonged time are discarded with the proposal that assures an output for a minimum rate of time. Someone once said that great research does not come from moments of great insight, but from moments of great courage.

Researches are now being localized to the Universities as well as in other agencies that caters Computer Science and other IT related studies. But sad to say that many of these proposals had been declined in terms in minimizing the funds and its resources. Taking into consideration that most of today’s progress was due to the studies done 50 years before, so the point is why limit these studies by taking the account of not being ensured for a successful outcome? Researches are being done to discover new things that are why even though those outcomes are not successful; there is something we had learned of not doing.

These are the Technical Topics in which Computer Science Researches are now focused:

1. Engineering,
2. Commerce
3. Electronic Teaching
4. Information Retrieval, Databases, and Data Mining
5. Machine Learning
6. Networking, Distributed Systems, and Security
7. Robotics, Computer Vision, and Graphics
8. Software Systems and Architecture



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