Sunday, June 22, 2008

My First True Blog Write-Up

Honestly, I am not great in writing and don’t see myself as a writer of any articles with sense. The first thing that pushed me in constructing my own was because of our Professor Mr. Randy Gamboa (Methods of Research). As I was surfing through different blogs, I admittedly say that most of it is not that fascinating to read, that’s why I am hesitant to create one. Through reading from local web bloggers, I am inspired through their principles in helping others through connecting to the web. Specifically, as a DOST-SEI scholar from my 1st and 2nd year, our president was Jehzlau Laurente (, he was an inspiration to look ahead. Even at a very young age he was able to create and administer countless websites and the fun part is he’s getting a great deal of income… (pahingi!!!)

Last year through the influence of my friends (Mark, Regina and Glyra) I have given myself a try into this kind of expressing one’s self to others. Sadly, I only wrote one post. so here i am again taking my chance on writing something... so be supportive..!!!




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