Sunday, June 22, 2008

How did they Grow Up so Fast?

I went home with my friend Chengy last weekend to spend father’s day with my family. As usual I am very much excited to see my two sisters. But what really caught my attention was that my sister Vanezza already has her brand new cell phone with a 3.2 mega pixel camera (Sony Ericsson k800i) (to think I only have her old one Nokia 3315). Wow! I envied her very much as well as her valuable stuffs. Well, I’m still blessed to have what I got now and be thankful for it. Oh, I forgot, she also wore contact lens that’s why she looks like a foreigner (in short alien!!!). my little sister Monique also know what a Ferrari is. Hehehhe…. I was so dumbfounded asking questions of “how come you know these things?” and my sister would answer me back “Ate, I’m already in 4th grade.” And the only thing I could tell myself is “How fast they really have grown”.



ana ka.... iprenda usa nku ni sa imoh palit nkug bugas..hehehe

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