Tuesday, February 10, 2009

USEP IC (Institute of Computing): Future Technology Presentation The Event which Every Future Tech Students Envisioned

Finally, the event had been in its fruition yesterday Feb. 10, 2009. It was the event that fully shows how the IC students stands together to prove and shows their competency in the University’s intellectual minds. The presentation caters the showcase of different future technology that is visualized and designed by the Future Technology students. The whole class had been in charge to all areas of the event which made it not just successful but also remarkable to everyone in the class. They showed participation and cooperation that fully manifest their concerns to the individuals that somehow rely to the event as a stepping stone. A first triumph towards the achievement dreamt by every 4th year students, the occasion on April! Though the presentation have flaws and other technical problems, it was a success (hahaha.. bias daw ko….) We had guests and other visitors that supported us throughout the event. (Well, almost half of it is from IC also ;>). But still I want to announce and affirm that it was indeed the program we will all remember.

The event consists of group presentation. A video and a brief description of the diorama were introduced by the group members. The technology that was covered by the event were: VIDEO CONSOLE, WEARABLE COMPUTERS, VIRTUAL CHATTING, FARMING, MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, CLOCK, WASTE MANAGEMENT, BOOK, TELEPHONY, AIRCRAFT, CHARGER TECHNOLOGY. These areas of possible developments were the focused of the Future Tech. students. To give credits to the people who work hard on the project, most of viewers think that the WASTE MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY was the most significant of all the technology presented, which I think is followed by the FARMING TECHNOLOGY. As expected, technology should focus on how we improve the society and our well being.

Like all events, ours went to a stressful process. Almost every part of the program has a fault.
1. No speakers
2. Not all diorama sketches were approved
3. Reservation on the Social Hall
4. Technical Support
5. Letters
6. etc. (end of thinking capacity!!!)

But still, we had proven somehow the bond we have, will be remembered. All we give thanks to our dear adviser RSG who never get weary of having sermons to us.
GO…… Research and IP nlng…
Godbless everyone, I’m so proud of us all.



yey! mana na jud dai noh?hehehe though dghan jud ta naagian nga kalisud, stil worth it man pd...hehe

it was really fun to watch.
i saw all the presentations and i think the most promising future tech presentation was the farming FT by tatam and co. jejeje

your presentation was nice too and funny because of your power chat girls pics with professor gamboa.jejeje

May na lang humana jud... masking daghan kalisod naagian esp. sa gastos. ok ra. part man pud na kung mo skwela.. hehe...Ang Importante ang mahalaga.. haha Corny. Bitaw ui. congrats to all!

hmmm ... something was missing in your diorama ....!@#$%^ ,,,pls say ur 3-OF, 3-HM, 3-GB ...hehehh


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