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Emerging Technology: Technology at Constant Change

Just like all other things: “Technology is in constant change”

Today, it is very much obvious and apparent how technology is driven in fast paced. All aspect of how human lived have a corresponding technology that is also developing even as we speak. Development is rapidly changing that emerging new technology can be expected in the coming years. People are so smart to create a technology to almost all things that has to do with how we work and how lives would be better as time passes. People tend to be aggressive each progress the technology show, if it is successful they find other ways to make it more simpler and applicable to people. Most people see future associated with the computer but Technology cannot be limited to computers only. There are also other things that are now being developed by developers to help other aspect and field of man for us to be able to excel in ways.

People don’t question why many are so attracted to new technology. The answer is very evident that even children can determine. At present there are new things discovered, better way of living our lives, new lifestyles and innovative means of having a standard living. All new problems brought about by technology drives people to look for other means to answer these problems. Thus, new technology are surfaced and emerge. Today, ways for new discoveries knows no limit and defies any boundaries that almost any thing in the world have its parallel technology.
As observed by today’s technology, people are attracted to what’s new and what’s in. Communication is one of the prominent field and area of innovation. Cellular phones had been seen to its full transformation from simple texting to the power of 3g and video calling. Cellular phones also have the ability and power to transact business using the internet. Connection to the internet is not a problem anymore since people can easily link to it regardless of the time and place they are in the moment. Business is also improving in terms of online commerce. More and more people are attracted to the transact online because of cutting off unnecessary middleman and cutting off payment thus business is effective and being practiced by people who have knowledge of the benefits done when doing business online, (just remember to identify the fraud sites!). Even in learning their are also breakthroughs. E-learning had been popular to the students and instructor because of its benefit and advantage to both sides. E- learning is very much applicable when students have conflicting hours, and talking about distance. With E-learning, students can learn many things even if the instructor is in the United States and the students are in the Philippines, that’s the power of technology. Though in my opinion, a full blown E-learning is not that effective, I still prefer a class being done in a classroom. Though E-learning have its advantage, I think that it could be better to combine the two motivate the students in their schooling. In medicine, there are also numerous technology that are capable of curing ailments and diseases that is incurable way back in the past years. We can really say that technology had done its part in the human beings living.

In answering what’s new in terms of technology, one cannot possibly state all of the new breakthrough since people are very smart that almost all corners of how people lived is being covered with new inventions and technology. There are technology concerning energy, transportation, Information technology, Biotechnology, Robotics, Material Science and even in the household equipments there are also new innovations. There are numerous technology that are starting to pave its way in the upcoming years. Guiness Book of Records has come out with some new records for technology.

Cellular Phones
Among these is the world’s lightest cell phone is the modu. It weighs only 40.1 g. It is manufactured by modu in Israel and was launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The modu is just 72.1 mm tall, 37.6 mm wide and 7.8 mm thick. It has a full color screen and 1 GB of internal memory for music and pictures. Cellular phones are now having new ways in development. Almost every year there are new improvements. Just like the modu, where its structure had been highly develop. As technology heightens the smaller the cellular phones become and the greater capacity it holds.

There are also new development in ways of transportation. An example of this is the fully submersible sports car. It is the Rinspeed sQuba car. It is manufactured by Rinspeed of Switzerland. It was presented at the Geneva Motorshow. This open-top car can be driven on land, float on the surface of water and steered below water by a driver wearing breathing apparatus. The sQuba is also environmentally friendly, powered by lithium ion batteries. Another technology that concerns with the transportation is now being studied in Japan. They are expecting to have a mass-produced electric cars. It is now coming closer to reality. The makers are trying to polish the image of what experts say could be a hard sell in the current recession. The concept and the potential application for new technology regarding transportation concern the greener and less pollution emission of today’s transportation vehicles. Among these are Electric cars, Personal rapid transit which is a conventional rail/bus public transport that would reduce need for everyone to own their own car. There is also the Crower six stroke engine which is a conventional four-stroke engine and two-stroke engine. The Scramjet which the purpose is to travel at faster speed.

Tech Gadgets
There are also Tech gadgets that are now being develop that is marketable and available in the upcoming years. Among these gadgets are the Projector Phones, Bracelet Video Player and the Electronic Key Finder. The Projector Phone, The Tri Brand Phone made by Chinavision is a GSM/GPRS Touchscreen Cell Phone with a built in projector which allows you to project pictures, videos, address and phone data or anything you like onto a wall. The Tri Brand Phone is already selling like hot cakes and one reason for that is because of the affordable pricing. The Tri Brand Phone also include multimedia functions such as digital camera for photos taking and video recording, mp3/mp4 playing functions, e-book reader and 1800mah battery for long battery usage. The projector phones are now leafing its way in the market because it has new application that could make people be productive in there everyday life. Bracelet Video Player, Bracelet media player made with e-paper is a concept media bracelet produced by the Chocolate Agency Company. It has a very thin but flexible display that can be bent on both sides. The bracelet can be unrolled to work as a video player and can play movies and video clips. This gadget requires no batteries as it charges itself using the kinetic energy produced by the person who wears it. New gadgets today are showing a new trend in getting its power supply. Just like the Bracelet Video Player that it doesn’t require batteries o make it functional. Today, other means of getting power is the new way for the upcoming years. Electronic Key Finder, The gadgets for automotive industry are also coming into prominence, one particular gadget is for finding car keys that are lost by defining location of your keys. This gadget is called the Electronic Key Finder and works with any kind of keys with metal. The Electronic Key Finder has a range of 300 feet and works by attaching a key ringer to your car keys that respond with a loud alarm and bright flashing lights whenever you press a button.
Biotechnology and Medical Equipments
Among these technology is the Genetic engineering which is now having an ongoing research and development. Its potential technology is within the animal husbandry and Plant breeding. Genetic engineering, recombinant DNA technology, genetic modification/manipulation (GM) and gene splicing are terms that apply to the direct manipulation of an organism's genes. Genetic engineering is different from traditional breeding, where the organism's genes are manipulated indirectly; genetic engineering uses the techniques of molecular cloning and transformation to alter the structure and characteristics of genes directly. There motive is to create and modify species for the upcoming years. It is also expected to have the Nootropics technology which are drugs that improve memory or cognition in healthy or aged populations. The anti- aging drug is now also in testing, most of this technology can only be seen in movies but now it is now being develop for the purpose of Life extension.
There are also new technology and are also developing today to be applicable for the forthcoming years. An example of this is a laboratory equipment that will help fight cancer. It is the Cyberknife. The Cyberknife is not a real knife. It is a robot radiotherapy machine which works with great accuracy during treatment, thanks to its robotic arm which moves around a patient when he breathes. According to BBC News, the first Cyberknife will be operational in February 2009 in London, UK. But other machines have been installed in more than 15 countries, and have permitted to treat 50,000 patients in the first semester of 2008. And the Cyberknife is more efficient than conventional radiotherapy devices. The current systems require twenty or more short sessions with low-dose radiation. On the contrary, and because it’s extremely precise, a Cyberknife can deliver powerful radiation in just three sessions. The CyberKnife System uses image guidance software to track and continually adjust treatment for any patient or tumor movement. This sets it far ahead of other similar treatments. It allows patients to breathe normally and relax comfortably during treatment.” And it “uses pencil beams of radiation which can be directed at any part of the body from any direction via a robotic arm;”. This is the new face of medical technology that could be expected for the coming years of technological development. There are also other medical breakthroughs that are being studied to be applicable and usable for the next few years.

Outer Space Technology
Life outside the planet is also being a breakthrough with every scientist in the world. Because of the population burst, it is being predicted that maybe human being could lived in moon. Just like the students from the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech where they are developing dwelling colonies on the moon and can be built with new, highly durable bricks.

Information Technology
The most popular field of development is the IT. It has many extendable areas where people can have any developments. Among these is the Artificial Intelligence, that is being directed to the human brains to create intelligent devices. It is also anticipated the rise of the screenless display that its potential application is the augmented reality and the virtual reality. Screenless video describes systems for transmitting visual information from a video source without the use of a screen.
Visual Image screenless display includes any screenless image that the eye can perceive. The most common example of Visual Image screenless display is a hologram. Arguably, virtual reality goggles (which consist of two small screens but are nonetheless sufficiently different from traditional computer screens to be considered screenless) and heads-up display in jet fighters (which display images on the clear cockpit window) also are included in Visual Image category. In all of these cases, light is reflected off some intermediate object (hologram, LCD panel, or cockpit window) before it reaches the retina. In the case of LCD panels the light is refracted from the back of the panel, but is nonetheless a reflected source.
The 3d display is also foreseen as a new of displaying new technology. It is applicable to television, computer interfaces and cinemas. The development of these technology can create realistic viewing. A 3D display is any display device capable of conveying three-dimensional images to the viewer. It is called automultiscopic display at a new type of three-dimensional display recently introduced on the market holds great promise for the future of 3D visualization, communication, and entertainment. It is desired to acquire images of real-world 3D scenes and display them as realistic 3D images.
Preparations for the new Technology
Preparation or any processes of what to be one if these technology comes is not really a problem. It is because if these technology is being applied thus it is needed by people or there are applications for the betterment of the world. The only thing that people must bear in mind that we are held accountable for the success of these new innovations and breakthroughs. New technology cannot really change the way we lived if we are irresponsible of these technology given to us. Thus, we must use them properly and never abuse it just for the purpose of greediness and other mean things.




technology really affects us today..

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