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Effects of Technological Change in our Society and Strategies used in the Philippines to address the Skills Shortage

Technology had become a trend to almost all aspect of the future nowadays. All had been conforming to how technology behaves. From the creation of new machines to the uses of micro gadgets that are now gaining recognition to the population. As far as technology is concerned, almost all new created and establish things are in line with how technology affects it. Traditional ways of doing things are now beginning and slowly diminishing as new improved ways are starting to emerge. Even from the start of studying technology there are some downsides to its benefits. Technology is always viewed as a two way thing, giving benefits to the people and on the other side creates undesirable effect to the society as well as to the environment. Society today can be differentiate automatically to the way it looks and feel way back many years ago. There are many aspects and fields to which technology had affect the way people lived. From everyday living to political, social, economical and ethical issues of human beings. People had change greatly as technology had also been improving. All of which how men are doing their works is also where the application of technology is functional. It is because technology is improving to help and address the needs of people in their application, whether to make work easier or to take pleasure and bliss out of the product from technology. If all would be enumerated to discuss all the effects of technology to how society now changes would have a long list of items. People are now discovering things that are to address their needs. Even communication is now very effective that distance is not an issue anymore. Even of greater distance, many people are able to be in touch with each other. Exchange of information and business is also possible even without buildings or any big stores to establish commerce.

Talking about society, it is conveys almost all parts of the community, individualism to groups of people and how they cooperate and live with each other. Through the development of technology many side of how people live also alleviate in a very great pace. Here are some things to which technology are affecting the community the greatest.

Communication had been developing even in the earlier days by the use of telephone and the use of radio and telegraph in the purpose of exchanging messages to distant places. Today, the population have telephones as a means of necessity. All have this kind of gadget to be able to be in touch and be connected 24/7 to the world. Cellular phones are also now very effective and efficient not just as an accessory but as a guide to everyday living of people. There are many applications that could be installed into this small gadget that could give many uses. Example of these applications is having a dictionary in the phone which is very helpful as guide, and also the conversion of many measurements.

People are greatly affected to the progress of technology that even everyone’s lifestyle also changes. People live differently to how they are used to in the past years. When technology is very reachable and human beings are very much willing to adapt this kind of technology, change is not a very impossible path. Technology had greatly improved the way people are living. It develops the standard of living. Every action of men correspond a specific machine that could help men one way or another. Examples of these are computers to which people are doing almost the electronic works. For leisure times, as also discussed in our Future Technology subject, entertainment concerning the gaming console is of now in high definition that it is almost like life like that you can easily be addicted to it. The music industry is also in greater pace in development. More and more develop machines are now more capable of handling greater amount of data in terms of music files. Gadgets are also handling many features like having a screen for viewing the music video.
Technology also affects people in many different ways. Example of this is how people work. Before, many businesses are doing most of its transactions using only paper to list the day to day operations as well as the billings. Systems are now being developed and highly utilized by businesses to make their processes more effective than the traditional ways of doing it.
Doing business is also possible even if not having a physical presentation. Anyone can transact processes online as long as he or she has a credit card or digital money. The web offers many things that one could possibly imagine, from business to advertising and also to communication and gaming. Businesses consist of buying things online and selling products. Advertising also are in line to the businesses. Anyone can also book flights through the use of the internet. You can also have a reservation in a hotel even without being there.
Learning had been also in the verge of fully developing the use of technology by having its e-learning strategy. More and more students are now having forums and discussion using the internet. Classes are having their learning in the web. It is not necessary to be physically present in the classroom to be said you are doing great in school. This is also another way to which we can say that technology had greatly affect the way the society behaves nowadays. Because of the changes that are brought about by technology, people are conforming to it to be able to stay in way with how technology is moving.
Because technology has an immense effect to the population, people who are knowledgeable are also necessary to be able to drive the technology in advancement. People should be able to know how to deal with this kind of industry so that the Filipinos would not rely on the help of other foreign developers. As observed there are small numbers of individuals who are engage in this kind of industry. Only little part of the incoming freshmen in college is in the Computing department. And if they are in the Technology department, most of the subjects are not in line with the demands of the market. Since businesses walks hand in hand with technology, there are also a great demand for people that could sustain the balance in having technology to be effective in the Philippines. Technological skills are now having its shortage that Filipinos must study it to be able to cope up with its demand. The government must give way to new proceeding to address these skill shortages.

Cause of Skill Shortage is Complex

Skill shortages could be traced back to the faulty educational system, myopic policy of labor export and pervasive technical change.

There is a study researched by the Department of Labor and Employment which cited that educational flaws stemmed up from poor curriculum, inadequate teacher's training, and low public and private investment in education. The policy emphasis of broadening access to education resulted to sacrificing quality as resource requirements became dispersed. Mismatches between industry requirements and educational preparation of new entrants to the labor force also exist.

The policy of encouraging the export of labor also contributed to the skill shortage. The study opined that the task of dealing with skill shortage is less urgent compared to the malaise of labor surplus.

Of course with fast-changing technologies demand for new skills would render some existing skills obsolete.

There are several ways by which Multinational Corporations in the Philippines deal with the problems of skill deficiencies and shortages. The most common ones are expatriation, recruitment, job outsourcing and training.

1. Expatriation. Results revealed that hiring expatriates in filling vacancies in MNCs is seldom done. Of the surveyed MNCs only 17 percent of managers and less than 1 percent of professional and technical staff are expatriates. The reasons being are the large base of employment hopefuls and the labor market restrictions on the employment of foreigners in the country.
2. Recruitment. Notwithstanding the large pool of applicants, the MNCs still experienced the lack of qualified applicants. Thus, they are employing various modes of recruitment to ensure the competitiveness of the selection process.
3. Job Contracting. More than four-fifths of the Philippine sample were found to outsourced one or several tasks. The most commonly outsourced tasks are those that would require general skills such as maintenance, security and clerical. The main motivation by MNCs for job contracting is to keep its permanent staff lean but mean and for greater flexibility. Multinationals tend to maintain permanent platilla position for firm-specific skills.
4. Training. Sample MNCs indicated that high proportion of employees in all ranks has been exposed to various forms of training whether internal or external to the company as a means of correcting skill deficiencies. Manufacturing firms located in the Philippines tend to spend higher training expenditures compared to Malaysia but lower when compared to those situated in Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Training expenditures for business and services firms were found to be lesser in Indonesia and Malaysia but greater in Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand as compared to the Philippines.





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