Thursday, December 18, 2008

First Outdoor Experience: Kapatagan Here we come (Tudaya Falls, Palaka and Virgin Falls)

First of all I am not an outgoing person who finds hiking and climbing enjoyable. Honestly, I’m afraid of these things, knowing the path would be difficult and every trail is very steep and slippery. But then again, my best friend as me to, well there’s always a first time for everything.

Our adventure started the night before we left Davao City. We didn’t sleep for the whole night packing for our things. Jake, Dianne, Chengy and me are chatting not minding what time it is. Jake Caspi who is a certified climber, rescuer, swimmer an athlete name it all, said that we must take time packing so that we won’t forget anything.

We left Davao City at 6:00 in the morning going to Digos. Our guide, Jake had to buy a butane or (I don’t know how to spell buthane) gas for us to use in our cooking. We rode in a motorcycle for almost 2 hours going up in Kapatagan. Our legs felt numb because of the uncomfortable ride in the habal-habal (a long motorcycle).

We arrive at a small house just before going into the frightful trail to Tudaya Falls. At first I was excited knowing that it was fun going out. The longer we walk, i’ve noticed that the tiny pathway seemed to be so difficult to pass. I was starting to get scared. Not to mention how tired I was. Seeing my chubby body, I’m not really equip to climb in this kind of experience. Jake and Dianne are long gone ahead of us, Chengy was there helping me to get pass through those steps that I doubted to make. I was always asking if we are near the falls, but all they have to say is “Duol njud nes nes!” Well, it give me a little hope, but time gets so long that I almost want to stop. I want to go home already, where I could lie down on my bed and play on my pc if I want to. I didn’t expect this trip to be so tiring.

But the sight of the falls took away all the regret that I was thinking before it. It was so good feeling the cold water brushing through our skin and hearing the splash of the falls. It was so nice, not minding how dirty I am. We cooked for our lunch behind the big rocks. It was good to be able to eat in a very natural place like that.

After the relaxing moment in the falls, its time again to go up. I was thinking that I couldn’t climb or walk anymore, all my muscles ache and calling for help. But they pushed me to go, saying that on the top, I could get into a bed and be relaxed, so its an encouragement so I started walking. On the way, I’ve realized again that going up is much exhausting than going down. I need to catch my breath all the time. I was really amazed with Jake and Dianne and Chengy that they easily took those steps. But at least I made on top. I was thinking that we are going to camp in that place, but Jake told us that there is some place he wants us to stay. Thinking again that it was only a couple of steps away, I said ok. We started again to walk, and I asked where are we heading to and he just point the trees on some small hills. Thinking that I can still walk, I continued the greatest punishment I ever had in my whole life. We are walking for almost 2 hours know and all my muscles are exhausted as well as I am. Cheng and I were even thinking that we need to stop and just put the tent anywhere. Chang also suggested that letting ourselves be injured could get the 911 in there for us to be brought back to Davao. We’re thinking of many ways just to get over this tiring walking.

Later that time, we finally arrive at the spot. We can hardly move a bit of our muscle that we just sit for a long time. It’s already dark and the cold started to get into our skin. We were just called after Jake had set up our tent. Just as we entered our tent, Cheng and I directly lay down. As the night went by, we didn’t have the chance to fully relaxed and sleep since the cold won’t let us. The cold was so intense that our muscles tend to move on its own. Huhuhu… we didn’t sleep that night.

The next day, we are about to climb again and be on a Hot spring. They just called it Palaka. I don’t know if that’s the name or the place. Well, the path is still difficult but fun. There are alot of vegetables being planted in the hills. All the green in the surrounding is so fun. There are also alot of carrots in there.It was really hot, (its my first time to be in a hot spring). So we cooked there and just relaxed. It’s nice, seeing how the fogs come and go.

The next day, we went to another falls, the Virgin Falls. It was already late but still Jake said it was still ok to continue. But as we walked the trail seemed to be lost, its now really difficult that we can hardly know where to go. Jake was not expecting it to be so hard since the last time they went it is still ok. We have no options but to continue, walking seems endless but again the sight was spectacular. We just spent a few minutes in there since its already dark and we didn’t bring any flashlights. The way going up is the most hard in all the trails. But thanks to God, because no harm was brought upon us though it’s hard to see. We decide to stay in our house in Digos since we’re all exhausted. We ate at Banoks in Digos, its so funny since almost all people looked at us. We’re a head turner because of our get up so dirty. We’re full of mud and dirt but its still ok since were finally home.

It’s a good thing to experience these things, and I am hoping that the next climb would be Mt. Apo. But I need a lot of exercise to be able to endure it……. Hehehe….(I was even late in my assignment because of this trip and miss an exam., uhuhu).



sulit jud ang absent hehehe.. nice gud xa dai

laagana nimo nes oi.. isuroy me pud me dra be..

nakaadto nagud ko dra nes, sa virgin falls hehehe...nice kau dra kapoy lang adtoon...

wow.............. nice sa dinha ness oi..... sa last pic ba nag unsa dinha ness........ nagkaon, naglingkod or nagbawas???


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