Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Little Planted Tank

Here are some pictures of my young aquarium. I’ve been meaning to change it to all tetras but Petsmart (Davao) in Sta. Ana doesn’t always have the stock. Got to wait though. Taking care of these plants is far more difficult compared to taking care of the fishes ;> Whoever has nice freshwater plants, I’m accepting gifts even it’s after the holidays!

A well planted tank with tiny fishes is an amazing sight. It’s nice to watch them glide and chase each other. Takes away the boredom of being alone.

If you have your own aquarium. Share it here! Happy Fish Keeping Davao

Davao Fish Lover

Davao Fish Enthusiast

Davao Aquarists

Davao Fish Aquarium



tarunga pud ang pix te.. kanang way apil ang mga kalat.

ok ra na van... hehhe.. i'll be posting the other images soon.

cute fish tank! :) asa ka naka palit ug aquatic plant? dugay na kaayo ko nangita isa pa, asa pud ka nipalit ug substrate para sa plants nimo? tnx sa tubag..

PetSmart near St. Ana Church. In front sa Metrobank.

hi..thanks for visiting my blog..and your comment is much this post..always wanted to own such a tank though..a planted tank just like this..huhu

Hey Faizul, having a fiber glass aquarium is expensive but worth it. You won't spend to much time cleaning it compared to the common glass tanks.


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