Thursday, September 10, 2009

EPOL Spring Trip

Epol Spring is located in Epol, Baganihan , Marilog Davao City. It is one of the attractions in Davao. My friends went there to unwind and celebrate an occasion. It wouldn’t take too long to be there. If you are a resident in Davao, you just have to go to the bus terminal and board a bus to Marilog. It would take approximately 85-105 pesos depending on how you ask the driver’s assistant. The drive is 2 hours. Be sure to look for the wooden sign saying “Epol Falls” since it looked ancient and may be hard to see due the fog. It is not always foggy on the road but when we went there, it was.

From the high way, my friends and I walk for about 20-30 minutes. It’s not really hard compared to the trail in Virgin and Tudaya Falls, which almost made me cry. The only obstacle that you can encounter is the slippery and muddy track. It so happen that two of my friends suffered with this and it’s so bad that we can’t hide the laughter that burst out from our mouth. So better wear appropriate clothing when going to this type of place. It’s not like you are going to some malls and flaunt all of your curves and fancy dresses. Try putting on comfortable shirts and shorts and sandals or shoes for trekking would be good.

The good part in the location of Epol Falls is that there are built houses ready to be rented by people who doesn’t have tents. Though the rent is a little bit expensive for me (well, its 50 pesos per night) the comfort is well serve. I think that they have 2-3 houses available. The one that we rented is fine-looking and have parts just like a typical house. It consists of a dining area which is also located in the main area; the kitchen is at the back, the sleeping area is upstairs with a small porch where you can put a “duyan” for relaxation. Just a reminder, due to changing temperature in the area, it would be best if you bring sleeping materials to relieve the coldness of the night.

The falls is simply amazing! The walk is short from the house, maybe 10 minutes or less. Though the length of the falls is 30 ft., it is not short in magnificence. Walking down, you can get past the top and see it. The water is cold, but so fun. Anyone can also climb from the lower portion of the falls to the upper side. My friends were able to go beyond the top and continued exploring but I decided to stay since I’m really frightened with slippery rocks.

So if you want to get out of the busy and noisy city, Epol Falls would be a great get-away! If you have no money to go home, you can hitch a ride anytime.



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