Friday, July 3, 2009

AT&T Uverse- Overview (First BPO Experience)

From TV,HSIA and Voice Service, AT&T U-verse has it all cover up. The technology is really amazing since all of these developments runs through IP Technology. And since the month of June I’ve started troubleshooting some technical issues that the members are experiencing.

And to share how astonishing the products are click here

Tidbit facts:


Enjoy 100% digital picture and sound that means your digital TV transition is done. Also enjoy digital video recording (DVR), Video on Demand, access to over 105 High Definition channels*, and choice programming–all at a competitive price!

HSIA (High- Speed Internet Access)

Reliable high-speed Internet delivered on AT&T’s advanced digital network includes a wireless Internet router, wireless networking service4, and 11 email accounts with online photo storage and best-in-class security. Downstream speeds up to 18Mbps available.

Voice digital home phone service
Digital calling that works like your home phone. Only better! Use the home phones you already have. Plus, keep your number or get a new one. Powerful features that allow you to manage your home and Wireless from AT&T voice mail messages in one mailbox, accessible from any phone or PC, or broadcast voice mail messages to a group from your online address book that you can share and access from any PC, are included at no extra charge. Low international per-minute rates with no monthly fee!

I just think if the Philippines can have this kind of advancement, it would really be expensive!



hope to hear more CCA experiences from you nez..amping dai=)

thanks for sharing.!!!
ingatz lageh mama nes..

The AT&T Uverse sounds really good on paper, but reading bad comments coming from the US, I don't think it's viable in our country.


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