Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holiday Seasons

Parties are all over during the Christmas vacation. I had attended some of it and was so happy to get way out for the hectic schedule in school. First of is the SCHolaRs party. The New wineskin family had a very entertaining celebration that made our bonds more closely with each other. The party was also dedicated to the real celebrant of the holidays.Mr. Gamboa also made a little party for his E-commerce student. An advance present because of their holiday trip in Hong Kong (i don’t know if its Hong Kong or Singapore). Well, anyways, thanks again sir.

Another thing that made me happy during the season is when my sisters came over to buy some things for the holiday. We went out together and bought gifts for our parents and for Monique (our little sis). The vacation I had was a little exhausting instead of a relaxing one. Me and my friend had to look for my sister in the hospital due to high fever. Its just so untimely since its Christmas and were suppose to be celebrating. It was to tiring that during the Christmas I was also suffering from fever. At least the New Year’s a bit cheerful since all of us are sick-free and away from the hospital.

Well, the holidays over and welcome back again to the frustrating and exhausting year in college.



i like parties! especially when i am the special guest!


During holiday season, natanggal akong papa sa trabahu then after k naoperahan is really very tricky and full of trials but thanks to these holidays, our family get together and strengthen us for the better..happy blogging..very nice template ness..


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